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Old Window Into Art…


This is what came of my unrelenting urge to find an old window and make it purdy. The flame was lit when I ran across this post at Creative Crate. So cute, I had to get me a window…

After combing thrift stores and flea markets to no avail, I got on ol’ trusty google and searched “old windows for sale, Indianapolis”. One of the results was an architectural salvage warehouse. I called (and by that I mean I had my husband call) to see if they had old windows, which was funny to us when we arrived and they had 5 million old windows, amongst other treasures. That is for a whole other post. Suffice to say I found a lil’ piece of heaven that will surely provide craft materials for all of my days…
Anyway, I picked out the window you see here. Just seemed like the one. Turns out, it was ideal because of the dimensions of the individual panes of glass. The large center one was 8.5 inches in height, perfect for my Hobby Lobby 8.5x11in cross paper. The other rectangles were 12 inches wide, perfect for my scrapbook paper. For the tiny squares, I also used scrapbook paper, cut to the appropriate size.
The orange knobs I picked up in the treasured $1 rack at Michael’s. Drilled 2 holes for them, screwed them in. Easy.
The “relax” is vinyl wall decal lettering from Michael’s as well. Again, perfect fit without any alteration from me. There was divine intervention in the choosing of this window. Finally, black bow for cuteness, stapled to top. 2 hinges already present on this heaven sent window provided the hanging mechanism.
This color scheme rocks out with my bedroom decor. And who couldn’t use a little reminder to RELAX as the first thing seen upon awakening?!
Comments are my favoritest things these days…

Revamped Thrift Store Pic…


Can you tell I found a lot of pics with potential during my thrifting adventures this week? Anyway…
This was easy. I popped the picture out of the frame, adhered a piece of scrapbook paper onto it, using spray adhesive. Then I arranged borders and ribbons, dabbing a bit of hot glue to the ends folded over on the back of the pic.
I am obsessed with scrapbook paper and embellishments at the moment. I plan to vintage -ize some family pics in photoshop, and slide a couple of them under the ribbons when I get a chance.
Also upcoming… I found the perfect old wood framed window from a project I have had my eye on for awhile. You can rest assured it, too, will involve scrapbook paper and some mod podge…

Thrift Store Pic Scrapbooking Paper Project


I scored with my recent thrifting. Here is a pic of a map I picked up for $2. I used a gift card I was given for Hobby Lobby to get some fresh scrapbook pages in the color scheme I am adopting for my kitchen. I used some other embellishments I had laying around. Modge Podge and hot glue gun holds it all together. There you go. I love it. Quick, frugal, easy.
I heart comments.

Framed Crochet Butterflies


I found these pics at a thrift store for $1.50 each. I was delighted. I didn’t take pics of them as they were when I bought them, but I didn’t have to change much. All I did was remove the green felt the butterflies were on and replace it with the brown fabric shown. I also redid the brown frames with antique white spray paint and crackle medium (covered in my earlier tutorial, here).
I, of course, also had to track down a pattern for these doily-ish butterflies. I found this awesome free pattern. How lovely. And the transformation symbolized by the butterfly always lifts my spirit, reminding me that God turns destruction into beauty.

Tip on Large Format Photo Prints

Before I started selling my art prints online, I had a local gallery wall. I would order prints myself, and frame them using second hand frames I had refinished.
During that time, I explored many different photo printing options. I still occasionally need this service. I have found 2 options to be high quality and frugal friendly…
1. Short Run Posters – This is an online service that prints 18×24 for $2 per print, with their logo branded on the back, or $4 without their logo. I always order with logo, since I framed the prints before selling them. The logo was small and only visible on the back of the print. At either price, these are obscenely cheap. I thought it was a joke, but have used this company several times, no problems. I have 3 of the prints hanging on my walls. They look great. A great option if you are not in a hurry, as it usually took about 8 days from order to arrival. There is also a flat fee for shipping of $10. They are based in Tennessee and use UPS for shipping.
2. Snapfish in Store pick-up – I pick up my prints at Meijer near my house. I upload the desired image, and an hour later I pick up my 16×20 inch prints for $6.97. The quality is great. This is perfect for when someone wants a project quickly. They have been behind before, but only a couple of hours, and they gave me a discount for waiting.
Let me know if you have questions. Or if you know of great large format printing options for the frugal minded. Comments make me happy…

Felted Knit Mushrooms…

My friend Megan is a mushroom farmer, so I always keep an eye out for mushroom crafts to whip up for her.

These are the felt mushrooms I made from a free pattern I found at
They were fun to make, and fulfilled my need for instant gratifications, as they did not take long.
Also, they prompted me to explore needle felting (for the spots), a skill for which I now have many crafty plans.
Thanks Megan!

Freebie Digital Scrapbook Kit Download here!

I made this scrapbook kit using photoshop, and pictures I took with my DSLR.

It is ready. Hope this works for you all. Let me know if you have problems. Please sign up to follow blog before downloading. I worked hard! And please link back to me if using any of my files on your website.

I would love to see what you do with them as well, so post pics.
To download, click here.
I am posting this at a link party at twiceremembered!

Free Digital Scrapbook kit I am making available…

I spent the day learning how to design and compile a digi scrapbook set as a free download for my followers. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and learned a ton.

Here is a sneak peak. I wlll upload the set tomorrow. I have literally been at this machine for hours. My husband misses me, and so does my pillow.
Blessings, and stay tuned…

Beautify Thrift Store Picture Frame Antique Style


(Final Product!!)

This is the process I use for most framing projects. I find a cheap framed pic at Goodwill, yard sales… I prefer wooden frames, as my options are open in terms of revamping. I can stain, or paint. My artwork to be framed was 16×20, so I was armed with a tape measurer. I went into this knowing I wanted to create an antique white frame for the collage of Princess Ava I showcased in the previous post.
  • I removed the artwork from the frame
  • Sanded frame lightly with sandpaper, and wiped clean with damp cloth
  • Painted with white acrylic paint using paintbrush (I only did one coat, as the original frame was light wood. If you need to recoat for coverage, let first coat dry completely)
  • While this was drying, I cleaned the glass with Windex
  • After about 1 hour, I applied crackle medium and let dry for 2 hours. (I applied a thin layer of crackle medium, as I didn’t want a very drastic crackle)
  • Once dry, I sprayed a coat of Rustoleum clear coat finish for protection.
  • Placed the glass, my collage, and the picture’s original backing and that is all

Scrapbook Photo Collage Using Photoshop…

This is the first time I have used scrapbook digital downloads for a photoshop project. I down load this awesome vintage set from Shabby Princess. SO cute.

If you are familiar with photoshop layers, you will have no problem creating one of these on your own.
I took the each original pic, adjusted color to sepia and used a grunge frame brush in black in new layer above. Used “transform” to adjust each frame to fit pic, then merged each frame layer to its pic. Below each framed pic layer, I placed and sized the brown paper from the pack. After merging the brown paper with each framed pic, I created a custom shadow for each pic – I selected pixels of each framed pic layer, created a new layer below, and filled selection with brown. Then I added gaussian blur at px 29.
Below all layers I placed the green paper from the free download linked above. I painted the vines in a new layer above the gree using floral brushes, and placed the top left rose from the download as well. I made custom shadows using gaussian filter as described with pic layers. Lastly, I added torn paper edge, using Alien Skin Splat filter.
If you are not familiar with photoshop, you likely have no idea what I am talking about. The good news is that you can learn like I did. By doing countless hours of free online tutorials, getting frustrated at times, but sticking with it because you absolutely love it and have no other choice.
The princess Ava is my niece. My brother and sister in law are building a new house. I see this going will in Ava’s sage and pink bedroom. Off to find a frame. I am happy to answer questions…