Old Window Into Art…

SONY DSC This is what came of my unrelenting urge to find an old window and make it purdy. The flame was lit when I ran across this post at Creative Crate. So cute, I had to get me a window...
After combing thrift stores and flea markets to no avail, I got on ol' trusty google and searched "old windows for sale, Indianapolis". One of the results was an architectural salvage warehouse. I called (and by that I mean I had my husband call) to see if they had old windows, which was funny to us when we arrived and they had 5 million old windows, amongst other treasures. That is for a whole other post. Suffice to say I found a lil' piece of heaven that will surely provide craft materials for all of my days...
Anyway, I picked out the window you see here. Just seemed like the one. Turns out, it was ideal because of the dimensions of the individual panes of glass. The large center one was 8.5 inches in height, perfect for my Hobby Lobby 8.5x11in cross paper. The other rectangles were 12 inches wide, perfect for my scrapbook paper. For the tiny squares, I also used scrapbook paper, cut to the appropriate size.
The orange knobs I picked up in the treasured $1 rack at Michael's. Drilled 2 holes for them, screwed them in. Easy.
The "relax" is vinyl wall decal lettering from Michael's as well. Again, perfect fit without any alteration from me. There was divine intervention in the choosing of this window. Finally, black bow for cuteness, stapled to top. 2 hinges already present on this heaven sent window provided the hanging mechanism.
This color scheme rocks out with my bedroom decor. And who couldn't use a little reminder to RELAX as the first thing seen upon awakening?!
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