Cupboard Door Turned Cute Chalkboard





I got this cupboard door at a thrift store for $3. I sanded it lightly, drilled 2 holes for the ribbon hander, spray painted it (Rustoleum Hammered Gold). once it dried, I put a clear coat finishing spray (matte) and place adhesive chalk board paper to the inner rectangle. I guess chalkboard paint would be fine too. I have never used it. I am a sucker for adhesive papers.

I put various scrapbook elements on as shown, using glue gun and or nails. I decorated the clothespins with scrapbook paper to, an idea I first saw at the Creative Crate, on this tutorial. EASY and Adorable. Questions/comments appreciated.
Don’t forget to enter to win a free art print (click here or go to previous post). Be well…



  1. Johnnie,

    That is a great idea! Thank you so much for the idea, you are great!

  2. says:

    Thanks, Pat!

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  4. This is so creative! Love it!

  5. :)


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